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About Us

We Share your Passion;

Pipework Installation

Certa Cito Projects is formed as a result of our passion for working within the Food and Beverage & Process Industries and working with people like you!

We have over 25 years experience in the building, installation and maintenance of a wide range of equipment in multiple industries.

We are a Turnkey Projects Management Company offering a wide range of services and products to Process Industry including Brewery, Food, Beverage & Energy

A Vessel for every occasion!

Fermenting Vessels

Certa Cito  are proud to be the sole Distributor of  Micet Shandong Innovative & Craft Brewing Equipment Co., Ltd..who offer a wide range of high quality brewing & process equipment. They can provide everything from Home Breweries /hobby beer equipment through to full Microbrewery & Commercial Brewery packages as well as general purpose tanks for your application

We also offer support services such as electrical, gas, steam, compressed air, hygienic walls & floors, cold stores, the list goes on....

Our Long Term Goal

Certa Cito

Certa Cito is Latin for Swift & Sure, the motto for the   Royal Corp of Signals.

At Certa Cito, we intend to give something back to the gallant service personnel gave to us in the form of a training centre/showroom to help ex-service personnel with a trade.

There, you will also see our Home Breweries, Microbrewery & Commercial Brewery Equipment