Brewery Equipment Supplies
Certa Cito Projects

Where it lands...

We know how you feel.

You have gone through the Design Process with us, Seen it being built via the WWW and then waited for it as it sailed across the High Seas.

We believe that the first sight you see is not  the opening of a Container.

ALL Goods sourced by Certa Cito are delivered to our facility in St Neots, Cambridgeshire before we ship onto you, no matter how big or small.

This, of course means we can hold stock...

Brewery Equipment Supplies
Certa Cito Projects

Full Fabrication Facilities

It is here at our Workshop that we carry out our Quality Checks, make things bespoke for you and tailor the goods to your exact               standards & expectations.

Our Workshop is geared for Stainless & Mild Steel in our segregated Unit and we also fabricate in aluminium & other specialist materials.

Our Team of three Fabricators are Coded in Mig, Tig & Arc Welding.

We also can add general fabrication to out portfolio so yes, we can provide you with the Kitchen Sink!

Brewery Equipment Supplies
Certa Cito Projects

Equipment Commissioning before Shipping

No matter how stringent our Design & Projects Processes are, we are all human and valves, pipework may end up requiring to moved, added to or even taken away.

All our Systems are pre-built at our Base Camp and we invite you to come and sign the system off before the equipment is partially disassembled for shipping to you on a transport rather easier to unload than a Container Lorry.

We have the Power Water & Electrical  Systems to test if required.

All of this reduces build time on site, allowing you to crack on and produce!