We Share your Passion...


Certa Cito Projects is formed as a result of our passion for working within the Food and Beverage Industry and working with people like you!

We have over 25 years experience in the building, installation and maintenance of a wide range of equipment in multiple industries.

We are a Turnkey Projects Management Company offering a wide range of services and products to serve you.

A Vessel for every occasion!

Certa Cito  are proud to be in partnership with Shandong Innovative & Craft Brewing Equipment Co., Ltd.. who offer a wide range of high quality brewing equipment. They can provide everything from home/hobby beer equipment through to full microbrewery packages.

We also offer support services such as electrical, gas, steam, compressed air, clean rooms, cold stores, the list goes on....

Our Long Term Goal

Certa Cito is Latin for Swift & Sure, the motto for the   Royal Corp of Signals.

At Certa Cito, we intend to give something back to the gallant service personnel gave to us in the form of a training centre/showroom to help ex-service personnel with a trade.

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